Sunday, December 6, 2009

NEPTUNE Canada going alive 8 December

I am really looking forward to see what kind of sea creatures this Canadian project will bring.
Nature inspire a lot of the designs that is around us.
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NEPTUNE Canada offers a unique and exciting approach to ocean science. Traditionally, ocean scientists have relied on infrequent ship cruises or space-based satellites to carry out their research. But NEPTUNE Canada will change this. We’re building the world’s first regional-scale underwater ocean observatory that plugs directly into the Internet. People everywhere will be able to ‘surf the seafloor,’ and ocean scientists will be able to run deep-water experiments from labs and universities anywhere around the world.

To learn more, see our video introduction to NEPTUNE Canada and VENUS.

Join our community of scientists, students, policy makers and ocean enthusiasts, as we reinvent ocean science for the 21st century!

We're going live: 8 Dec 09

Go-live webcast

Live data will begin flowing on 8 December!

Mark your calendar for the Go-live Webcast, 10:00 PST.

Join the webcast!

Also look at the FLICKR

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